BIM at the mCommerce Fall Summit

BIM COO, Aydin Kadaster, gave a speech at the mCommerce Daily Mobile Shopping Fall Summit in Lichfield Park, AZ entitled:  “Yes mobile can improve loyalty and lower costs…really, it can.

The adoption of mobile shopping and mobile payments has been frustratingly slow.  Retailers have paused at the notion of higher costs, greater risks, and uncertainty about the potential benefits, while consumers have been given few incentives (besides “convenience”) to justify changing their shopping and purchase behaviors.

So, what has been impeding adoption?  What have the “winners” been doing right?  How can mobile be approached in a way that reduces risks, lowers costs, and drives loyalty?  And, what should retailers and brands do to win in this space?

To read the full story, covered by Mobile Commerce Daily, click here.

BIM talks Consumer Adoption at the MAG

BIM COO, Aydin Kadaster, gave a talk on “What it takes to Drive Consumer Adoption of Mobile Payments” to executive members of the Merchant Advisory Group at their annual convention in New Orleans.

When speaking to merchants about mobile payments, one of their most common concerns is consumer adoption.  Overall, the adoption of mobile payments has been slower than expected.  At BIM, we believe this is because consumers haven’t been given a compelling reason to change their behavior and adopt a new way to pay.  In order to drive consumer adoption, merchants must deliver “real value” to the consumer.

What is “real value”?  It might not be what you think it is.  Coupons and offers are enticing, but is it enough?  For some it may be, but for others “real value” may be skipping the line, ordering ahead, or getting the latest trends and news delivered right to their phone before everyone else.  At BIM we believe in customizing the solution for our merchants to help them deliver exceptional and personalized experiences to their customers.