Our Story

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Since 2009, the smartphone revolution has been changing the face of commerce. Many approached mobile payments simply by throwing a credit card on a smartphone. There was a need to be different. At BIM, we understand that winning in mobile requires delivering real value to both merchants AND consumers. The challenge is not just to find ways to make payments more efficient, but also to redefine the paradigm of brand-consumer engagement.

How did we do it? We started by revolutionizing the Federal Reserve’s ACH network. We took advantage of the low-cost and ubiquity of the system, and added technology to make it simpler to sign up (enrollment in <40 seconds), easier to use (in store, on the mobile phone, and on the web) and more reliable (guaranteed with timely payments), to create a low-cost payment option that is attractive for both merchants and consumers.

But reducing costs is not enough – consumers must perceive real value in order to change their behaviors to adopt and embrace a new way to pay. We at BIM realize that by leveraging mobile and capitalizing on the cost savings of our ACH payment option, merchants could create better experiences for their customers and therefore incentivize and reward them for adopting this new payment option.

We are not just another “wallet” coming between merchants and their customers. We want the merchant’s brand to take center stage. We strongly believe that mobile should enable consumers to connect with merchants directly, and not through the noise of third parties and other payment brands.

Our mission is to enable merchants to better connect with their customers, and get the credit for delivering that better experience.

We are excited about what we have built so far – a proven platform that has been deployed at several of the nations largest retailers – and remain steadfastly committed to our mission of helping merchants reduce costs, increase brand loyalty, drive revenue, and create better experiences for their customers.

Our Team

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Adam Frisch, Chief Executive Officer

Adam Frisch

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer, Works for Buy It Mobility Networks

John Kirkpatrick, Chief Information Security Officer

John Kirkpatrick

Chief Information Security Officer

Chief Information Security, Officer Works for Buy It Mobility Networks

Walter Loiselle, Chief Product Officer

Walter Loiselle

Chief Product Officer

Chief Product Officer, Works for Buy It Mobility Networks

Kristen Yarbou, Chief Legal Counsel

Kristen Yarbou

Chief Legal Counsel

Chief Legal Counsel, Works for Buy It Mobility Networks

Board and Advisors

Edgar Bronfman Jr.

General Partner, Accretive LLC; Chairman Endeavor; Former CEO of Warner Music Group and Seagram’s

Adam Frisch

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Lynch

Founder/Owner of Incisive Capital
Former Founder/Owner of CCMP Capital
Former MD of JPMorgan Partners

Thomas Neff

Chairman of Spencer Stuart, on boards of ACE Limited and several private companies

Arthur Martinez

Chairman of Abercrombie & Fitch; Former Chairman and CEO of Sears

James McTaggart

Retired Founding Partner of Marakon; experience on public and private boards

Lawrence J. Blanford

Former President & CEO of TC Global, Inc. (Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.)

Bill Ruh

Cairn Capital, Mocapay