What is BIM?


BIM is the solution Merchants have been looking for to power in-store, mobile, and web commerce.

Lowest-Cost Payment Tender

BIM provides Merchants with a white-labeled ACH Debit payment tender that easily integrates into existing mobile apps and websites.

Security and Fraud Protection

BIM’s technology platform verifies and authenticates consumers and their transactions instantly and dynamically. BIM epitomizes the theory that the best way to mitigate fraud is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Fast Consumer Enrollment

With BIM, your customers can be verified and enrolled in your tender in about 40 seconds.

Drive Revenue and Increase Loyalty

BIM’s platform can link with customer loyalty programs and generate additional sales and consumer engagement.

Eliminate Interchange Fees

BIM’s platform deposits straight revenues directly into the merchant’s bank account(s).

Why Merchants Love BIM

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Savings for Merchants

BIM lowers transaction fees by 50%-95%. Learn More

Satisfaction for Customers

BIM helps merchants increase customer loyalty and happiness, and creates opportunities for cross/up-selling. Learn More

Spotlight on the Merchant’s Brand

With BIM, the merchant is always front and center and in full control of their user experience. Learn More

Secure for Merchants and their Customers

BIM technology dramatically reduces risks while increasing speed and ease of enrollment and transactions. Learn More

Seamless Integration and Usage

Merchants and wallets can integrate with our platform in a matter of a few days. That’s it. Learn More

How BIM Works

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Business as usual. Only better.

BIM doesn’t require merchants or their customers to change shopping behaviors – we create incentives for everyone to embrace private label ACH debit and strengthen merchant-customer relationships.

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