BIM Revives the Multi-Merchant Wallet (Article in Payments Source)

A recent article in PaymentsSource highlights how BIM (Buy It Mobility Networks) has continued to evolve and differentiate itself in supporting merchant-customer relationships through branded digital tenders.

BIM has eliminated much of the friction associated with older decoupled debit products, and focused on enhancing consumer experience and loyalty without sacrificing security.  The article mentions recent launches that have included BIM’s proprietary payment technologies – including Phillips 66, 76, and Conoco-branded apps – and quotes industry expert Richard Crone as describing BIM’s business model as falling “right in line with the popularity of debit overall.”

The full article can be found here:

BIM CEO Adam Frisch Featured on Thrive LOUD Minisode

In an interview with thrive LOUD, BIM CEO, Adam Frisch, shares the importance of keeping perspective when running a successful and fast-growing company in a dynamic industry.

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BIM receives US Patent on Intelligent Authentication Process

U.S. Patent 9,875,468 B2 further strengthens BIM’s intellectual property

BIM has received a US patent on our intelligent authentication process.  Authored by BIM COO Aydin Kadaster and BIM CEO Adam Frisch, the patent describes new and efficient methods for consumer authentication.  This proprietary system, developed by BIM, streamlines and improves the consumer enrollment experience while also lowering the risk of fraud.

The addition of this new patent to the BIM portfolio further reinforces BIM’s position as the premier payment and commerce platform.


Hatch Loyalty Partners with Buy It Mobility Networks (BIM) to Bring the Leading Commerce and Customer Engagement Solution to Fuel & Convenience Stores

Partnership Will Enable Merchants to Easily Integrate Incentives, Rewards & Branded Payments Capabilities into Their Mobile Apps

Today, customer engagement and loyalty platform Hatch Loyalty and Buy It Mobility Networks (BIM), the leading ACH-based payment platform that enables retailers to build more meaningful relationships with their customers, announced a new commercial partnership. This collaboration empowers gas stations and convenience stores to develop loyalty programs that offer shoppers relevant and meaningful rewards based on their purchase behavior.

BIM’s white-label ACH platform and Hatch’s customer engagement platform that allows consumers to earn points towards discounts will now be fully integrated. This partnership will enable consumers to participate in retailers’ loyalty programs through their mobile apps, triggering personalized marketing offers and communication while simultaneously increasing sales for the retailer. For example, a trucker who pays for fuel with a gas station’s mobile app might be offered a coupon for a sandwich he purchased the last time he visited the same truck stop.

“We believe in creating a solution where everyone wins. With the ease and convenience of BIM’s commerce platform paired with our personalization capabilities, we’re bringing a solution that will immensely benefit the fuel and convenience store space on many fronts,” said Hatch CEO, Dan Gloede.

BIM enables consumers to pay with their checking account at the point of sale in an easy, fast, and secure manner with minimal friction via its streamlined enrollment process and transaction flows. BIM’s white-label platform enables merchants to offer their customers a convenient and more rewarding buying experience that is associated with their brand, while also lowering their transaction fees and fraud expenses via BIM’s proprietary risk platform. Merchants can use this purchase intelligence data to manage their marketing programs and target shoppers with relevant rewards and ads they actually want to see and engage with.

Hatch Loyalty empowers fuel and convenience retailers to build a configurable customer engagement and loyalty program on the Hatch platform. By aggregating customer data through integrations with a retailer’s business systems, Hatch is able to build a robust customer profile that includes demographics, behavioral information, and customer preferences. Through rules and offers triggered by profile data and behavior, customers receive more personalized marketing that retailers can then use to engage customers and drive desired behaviors. Loyalty is an outcome of consistent and successful customer engagement.

“We’re excited to combine BIM’s capabilities with Hatch’s solution to offer merchants a truly comprehensive platform that will help them drive more meaningful, rewarding and profitable relationships with their customers,” said BIM CEO, Adam Frisch.

The combined offering will immediately benefit gas stations, convenience stores, supermarkets and pharmacies by activating unique in-store deals for customers who seek convenient, personalized shopping experiences. The solution is expected to expand into other markets in the future.

To learn more about Hatch’s loyalty and engagement platform, visit

To learn more about BIM’s payment platform, visit


About Hatch Loyalty

Hatch is a simple, adaptable platform designed to help retailers and brands build stronger relationships with their customers. More than a loyalty company, Hatch makes insights actionable, enabling a more personalized and meaningful customer experience for retailers of all sizes. The world’s largest retailers and brands have access to the Hatch platform’s full configurability, while small- to medium-sized businesses can access Hatch’s off-the-shelf marketing solution, Belly, which is already an industry-leading solution. Hatch Loyalty is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and received funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Lightbank, NEA, and DAG Ventures. For more information, visit


About Buy It Mobility Networks

Buy It Mobility Networks (BIM) is the premiere mobile/web ACH-based payment and consumer engagement platform that enables merchants to develop more meaningful relationships with their customers, generate incremental revenue growth, lower payment costs, drive loyalty participation and create superior mobile and online buying experiences for their shoppers. BIM’s platform also offers fast consumer enrollment (roughly 40 seconds on average), dramatically reduces fraud through its proprietary authentication/verification tools and risk algorithms and provides guaranteed transactions that are settled next day. To learn more, visit

Press Release from PRWeb:

P97 Networks and Buy It Mobility Networks (BIM) to Implement Branded ACH Mobile Payments at Phillips 66®, Conoco®, 76® Branded Sites

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, P97 Networks and Buy It Mobility Networks (BIM) announced they have struck a deal with customer Phillips 66 (NYSE:PSX) to provide ACH based payment and consumer engagement services at Phillips 66®, Conoco® and 76® branded locations. The program will rely on BIM’s advanced technology to expand the capabilities of P97 Networks’ PetroZone® Mobile Commerce Platform and provide Phillips 66®, Conoco® and 76® branded consumers with a fast, easy and secure way to link their checking account to Phillips 66’s mobile payment offering.

Phillips 66’s mobile branded debit program will now operate via BIM’s white-label ACH platform, enabling faster consumer enrollment, increased consumer loyalty and engagement, consumer authentication and risk mitigation to dramatically reduce fraud, and guaranteed transactions that settle the next day to Phillips 66.

“We are really excited to be working with Phillips 66 and all three of their iconic fuels brands, as well as a world-class technology company in P97,” said BIM CEO Adam Frisch. “Not only will this partnership offer consumers a better and more rewarding payment option, but Phillips 66 will also benefit from a platform that enables them to develop more meaningful relationships with consumers, drive loyalty and lower transaction costs and fraud expenses.”

“Working with P97’s winning technology and BIM’s premier payment platform helps put Phillips 66 at the forefront of the mobile commerce revolution for branded fuel locations and c-stores,” said Rod Palmer, General Manager Marketing Services. “With BIM’s ACH debit product in our branded wallets, most consumers with a bank account will have the opportunity to pay with their phone at our branded sites.”

“U.S. consumers and merchants are increasingly demanding ACH at the point of sale, which is important for the future of mobile commerce; BIM is leading the charge and is the best platform we have seen in the marketplace,” said Don Frieden, President and CEO of P97 Networks. “By collaborating with BIM, PetroZone will help make the company’s vision of a frictionless, safe, paper-free check-out process a reality.”

About Buy It Mobility Networks

Buy It Mobility Networks (BIM) is the premier mobile/web ACH-based payment and consumer engagement platform that enables merchants to develop more meaningful relationships with their customers, generate incremental revenue growth, lower payment costs, dramatically reduce fraud rates, drive loyalty participation and create superior mobile and online buying experiences for their shoppers. BIM’s platform also offers fast consumer enrollment (roughly 40 seconds on average), reduces fraud through its proprietary authentication/verification tools and risk algorithms and provides guaranteed transactions that are settled next day. To learn more, visit


About P97

P97 Networks provides secure cloud based mobile commerce and digital marketing solutions for the convenience retail and fuels marketing industry under the brand name PetroZone®. P97’s mCommerce solutions enhance the ability of convenience store operators, marketers, and oil companies to attract and retain customers by providing technology that securely connects millions of individual mobile phones and connected cars with identity and geo-location based software technology to create truly unique connected-consumer experiences. P97’s software personalizes the “find-buy-save” experience for every mobile consumer. For more information follow us on Twitter @p97networks or visit


About Phillips 66

Phillips 66 is a diversified energy manufacturing and logistics company. With a portfolio of Midstream, Chemicals, Refining, and Marketing and Specialties businesses, the company processes, transports, stores and markets fuels and products globally. Phillips 66 Partners, the company’s master limited partnership, is an integral asset in the portfolio. Headquartered in Houston, the company has 14,600 employees committed to safety and operating excellence. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @Phillips66Co.



P97 Media Contact
Monica Danna, 281-687-7515


Press Release from BusinessWire:

BIM at Barclays Emerging Payments Forum

BIM CEO Adam Frisch was grateful to be an invited guest on the “ACH: A Risk or An Opportunity?” panel at the Barclays Emerging Payments Form on May 2, 2017.  The well-received session highlighted the great buzz around ACH!

BIM CEO to Present at NACHA Payments 2016

BIM CEO Adam Frisch will lead a discussion on “Big Players, Big Impact: Merchants Driving ACH Payments Innovation” at the NACHA Payments 2016 Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 11:25am.

ACH is now a real payment option at the POS ­- wherever that may be.  And that is an underappreciated but important development in the evolution of the payments industry. By leveraging the inherent economic benefits of ACH, merchants are able to self-fund their customer loyalty and incentive programs, while simultaneously creating mass customization of a better buying experience.  By driving their customers to their app and website and offering a branded debit tender at checkout, merchants are significantly mitigating the potential brand and data disintermediation that can result from mobile and eComm transactions.  Buy It Mobility Networks Inc.’s (BIM) ACH payment tender is evolving right along with this industry to help enable consumers to quickly and securely connect their checking accounts to apps and make payments at the cash register, table or pump, encompassing the big-box, convenience, pharmacy, fuel, grocery, quick-and full-service dining, specialty-retail and transit categories whether it is with individual merchants or part of MCX’s CurrentC offering.  This session will show how BIM is working to improve the consumer buying experience with additional secure payment options, and streamlined account provisioning, enrollment authentication and account verification processes, and learn how merchants are benefitting from guaranteed transactions with fast and regular settlement timeframes.  ACH is at the POS, and BIM is powering that movement.

NACHA Payments 2016 is one of this year’s most prestigious conferences with thousands of industry leaders in attendance.  To learn more about this session and others, visit the Payments 2016 website.

BIM’s Key Points of Differentiation Highlighted by Digital Transactions

Digital Transactions summarized some of BIM’s key points of differentiation in an April 1, 2016 article by Jim Daly called “What’s In Your Mobile Wallet? It Might be the ACH”.

In the context of discussing the top companies focused on ACH, BIM was described as follows:

“Founded in 2009 but not pursuing its present course in mobile payments until 2013, [BIM] offers merchants a white-label mobile wallet with ACH funding playing a prominent role.

BIM Networks differentiates itself by offering guaranteed next-business-day settlement—assuming the payment comes through by 3:30 p.m. Eastern time—and condensing customer enrollment down to a less than a minute.

“We can get enrollment done in about 40 seconds,” says chief executive Adam Frisch, adding that competing wallets typically need at least a day, often two or three, to complete testing and risk assessments.

BIM Networks transactions average 1.5 to 1.8 seconds, Frisch says. The company supports such technologies as QR codes, near-field communication, and beacons.

“We’re agnostic,” Frisch says. “We make it really easy for our merchants. We accommodate whatever technology the merchant has today.”

BIM Networks, which claimed 3 million consumers on its platform as of last October through an undisclosed number of merchant partners, got an endorsement that same month from Merchant Customer Exchange LLC (MCX), the retailer-controlled consortium developing the CurrentC mobile wallet. MCX said it would use BIM’s platform to provide an ACH option for its retailers’ customers.”


The full article can be found here: What’s in Your Mobile Wallet? It Might Be the ACH